Debark is a woreda (local government area) in northern Ethiopia, located around 2850 metres above sea level. It is the closest township to the Simien Mountain National Park.

Surrounding Debark, the largest township in the region, is a series of smaller villages and towns. Catherine and Yalew have toured this region extensively, and built strong relationships with the local government. Through partnerships and engaging with local groups, Water for a Village has installed 26 water sources across the region.

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Adiarkay (Addi Arkay) is located on the northern slopes of the Simien Mountains. In 1999, the regional government classified its 47 most drought prone and food insecure woredas (local government areas) due to its inaccessibility and lack of basic infrastrcuture.

In 2007, a national census recorded approximately 94,000 inhabitants, although many more are likely living there, across a series of inaccessible villages. Catherine and Yalew have worked closely with the local government, partnering to install around 20 water sources across the region.

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