Ethiopian culture

Water for a Village works in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The people that live there are a mix of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and Muslims who integrate freely and respectfully. They frequently accommodate each other’s religious requirements and celebrations.

Villages are small – usually 200-300 people living closely to each other in small homes. Homes are often a single room with a dirt floor. Homes are kept neatly, with a freshly brushed dirt floor and a few possessions. Chickens pop in and out, pecking crumbs from the floor.

There is no electricity or internet, no entertainment, and just a few mobile phones. The people are kind and gentle yet resilient and tough. They speak softly to each other and place great value on courtesy. They are highly connected and concerned for each other, attending each other’s special celebrations, weddings and funerals.

Children are loved and run in and out of homes and play in the fields together. It ss often difficult to tell who their parents are, as all the adults take some responsibility for their well-being.