Making water accessible

We are very proud of the uncomplicated model we engage as we aim to empower villages to create positive change.

We only build improved water sources and simply put, donated money is taken to Ethiopia to build improved water sources. WFAV facilitates the community to build their own well or tank under the guidance of a local contractor. Our donors are kept up-to-date with the progress of builds, photos and stories from the field.

The CEO fosters relationships with local government, villages and contractors, all of whom are instrumental in the building process and success of the installations. Municipal government offices provide a water specialist to work alongside us whilst also loaning equipment, and helping to source appropriate contractors. We approach villages, discuss appropriate sites and their specific needs, organise a contract, and the contractor usually commences the build that day.

No mechanical means are used during the construction process so everything, including excavation, concrete mixing and gravel smashing, is performed by hand. At the end of the build, the CEO inspects the site, pays the contractor, meets with the community and evaluates that particular installation to inform our future work. All of this information is fed back to the Board for their evaluation and comment.

This simple process is quite unique and in harnesses only local solutions and resources to address the problem of poor water supply. All Ethiopian people, including the small crew that supports the CEO, are paid for their work.

The construction season runs from February until July and timed for seasonality and to fit between important holidays.