Our values

Water is life. It is a basic need that belongs to all humankind.

Water for a Village is a community of change-makers. We work with local governments, village elders and villagers to foster ownership and ensure solutions are sustainable. We create connections and empower communities to build clean, fresh water sources. We share a belief that no one, adult or child, should become ill or die from waterborne disease or malnutrition caused by drinking dirty water. We will not stand by while children miss out on an education due to preventable illness.

We operate to high standards and are voluntarily governed by strict guidelines to ensure we are held to the highest account. Our values guide us in our decision making and in our actions wherever we operate.

Our bravery emboldens us to go where others don’t, challenge stereotypes, be unwavering in our convictions and hold true to our mission.

Our consistent transparency, respectful storytelling and honest/genuine approach to our work enable us to develop trust and be trusted by our benefactors, donors and stakeholders over the long term.

With whole heart
Acting with whole heart, we are kind, generous in spirit, support justice and the responsibility of shared humanity.