Fresh, clean water - one village at a time.

Access to clean drinking water is vital for all human beings.


It’s essential for health, education and community
and to break the cycle of poverty.


The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights
considers clean water is essential to be able to realise
all other human rights, but too many people in our world
still lack access to it.


At Water for a Village our vision is clean water for everyone.


We’re working on making our vision a reality one village at a time.


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Latest News from Water for a Village HQ

Congratulations to our founder Dr Catherine Wheatley who is a finalist in the 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards (TAS) in the Not for Profit and Social Good category.

We’re really excited for this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of having access to clean, fresh water and that instead of thinking the problem is ‘too big’ for us to make a difference, if we all do something small we can create change!

Congratulations Catherine!

Water is essential for living.

Yet can you imagine knowing that each time you gave your child a drink of water you were risking their health and possibly their life?


That’s the reality for many families in rural Ethiopia.


Watch the video to find out more about Water for a Village.


Clean water changes lives.

Access to clean water means better health,


improved education outcomes


and more time for family and


community connectednes









Water for a Village has been featured on

Isla, Olive, Abby and Sophie wanted to raise enough money to sponsor a well.

 They held a garage sale and fundraisers at school and raised enough money to pay for an entire well.





This Mother used to worry every time her children wanted a drink because sooner or later it would make them ill.

After WFAV installed a well in her village she saves five hours every day collecting water; her children drink as much as they want, they don’t get sick, they can go to school every day and she doesn’t have to worry.



This is Atisaw. Now his village has clean water he is able to go to school more often to work towards his goal of being a Doctor.



Peter ran a marathon every day for a month to raise money for Water for a Village




Whether you support Water for a Village, another cause or choose to make a difference in your own community it all counts.

We’re all connected. We’re all a part of the global village.